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End Of August

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Goodbye summer, hello fall!

As summer comes to a close, we want to first thank everyone who attended our online workshops this summer! Even though the school year is starting, we will continue to lead workshops this fall for kids, and possibly a few special lessons for adults. As we work on fall workshops, we've included several resources about various climate topics as well as political candidates in this MA election cycle for you to explore.


Upcoming Fall Workshops

Although our summer sessions are coming to an end, we hope to continue running more workshop sessions this fall. Each workshop includes a fun game relating to the subject within climate change, information about the subject, and the core part of the lesson; an interactive, hands-on activity to learn first hand about climate change. Learn more here and use this form to sign up!


Upcoming MA Primaries

On September 1, Massachusetts will be holding primaries for various congressional races, including for the US Senate and House of Representatives. Although the climate crisis is just one of many issues facing Massachusetts at this time, it is an important one.

We have compiled a few graphics summarizing various candidates’ stances on climate topics. Check them out on our social media platforms linked below. Remember to also do your own research on candidates and voting by mail.

  • Kennedy vs. Markey on climate

  • MA-04 democratic primary candidates on climate


Adult Workshop Interest Form

We are thinking about running a free workshop for parents and other adults to learn more about systemic change needed to address the climate crisis, including the Green New Deal and the Red Deal. Please fill out this form before so we can gauge interest!


Learning Resources for Kids!

While we start preparing for fall workshops, we’ve included some at-home resources for you and your kids to learn more about various climate topics! Here are some picture books that you can read with your kids. We've also included some discussion questions to guide your conversation after you finish!

One Plastic Bag (Miranda Paul)  Ever since Isatou Ceesay recognized how plastic bags left on land had caused harm in her country Njau, Gambia, it has been her mission to recycle plastic bags and contribute to living in a healthier environment.  Discussion questions:  What was the issue with plastic bags being left on the ground? // Do you think Isatou did the right thing? Why? // Were there any obstacles Isatou faced when trying to reach her goal? // What was your favorite picture in the book? Why?  

Seeds Of Change: Wangari’s Gift to the World (Jen Cullerton Jhonson) Learn about how Kenyan woman Wangari used her knowledge to help change the environment in Kenya.  Discussion questions:  What was Wangari’s mission? // How did Wangari’s act benefit her community? // Is there a time where you’ve wanted to help your community like Wangari did? // How did her act make you feel? // What would you say to her if you met her?


Meet Our Team

Prionti Talukdar (She/her/hers)

Grade 10, Cambridge, MA, Media Team

Why did you join Spring Forward? I joined Spring Forward to provide impactful learning on topics which I deeply care about. I wanted to further expand my knowledge in climate education as well and create meaningful connections. 

Why is climate education important to you?  Climate education is important to me since it isn’t a topic which is widely talked about but has a wide variety of topics to learn from such as environmental justice, climate change, marine life education, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

What is your favorite snack? My favorite snack is a fruit bowl! 

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