Make A Difference

Actively working with us is the best way to help us maximize Spring Forward's impact. Not only is this an effective way for teenagers to take climate action, but they will learn leadership skills, connect with like-minded peers, and engage with students along the way. Sign up here to become part of our team. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.


Our Core Teams


  • Creates and improves new lessons 

  • Shifts lessons to work for each specific program


  • Manages team materials and internal structure

  • Organizes our time, appointments, and finances


  • Manages partnerships from schools, camps, and other programs

  • Welcomes new members


  • Creates social media content

  • Organizes biweekly newsletters to the Spring Forward community


  • 30 minute core team call once a week

  • 30 minute general team call biweekly

  • 30+ minutes work per week

*Must be in 8th grade or older

Ambassadors Program

Join our Ambassador program to meet fellow climate activists, be hooked into many opportunities, help Spring Forward educate children on climate change, and start a project of your own!


  • 1 small action item (task) a month

  • 1 ongoing project Spring Forward Coordinators help you with

  • 15 minute call with a Spring Forward Coordinator every once a month


  • 45 minute call with ambassador team once a month

  • 1 hour Whole team/general biweekly calls 

*Must be in 5th grade or older

Spring Forward: Climate Education and Empowerment

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