Make A Difference

Actively working with us is the best way to help us maximize Spring Forward's impact. Not only is this an effective way for teenagers to take climate action, but they will learn leadership skills, connect with like-minded peers, and engage with students along the way. Sign up here to become part of our team. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.


Do you think there should be more climate education? Do you enjoy working with kids? Are you looking to make a difference?  



Who is eligible? All high school students who are passionate about climate education!

*Note: our core team members are mainly from the Boston area but we have members from California, New York, Virginia. No matter where you live, you're welcome to join!


  • 40 minute core team call once a week (learn more about the different core teams here!)

  • 1 hour general team call monthly

  • 40+ minutes work per week


Encouraged to

  • Attend 30min weekly check in calls

  • Ocasional trainings

  • Co-teach workshops for students!


55% of teachers report never even mentioning climate change in their classrooms and when climate change is discussed it is often reduced to personal sustainability and polar bears. Spring Forward works to ensure all students understand the basic science, history, and far-reaching consequences of climate change while empowering them to make a difference. There is no climate action without education.



  • Gain experience speaking and working with kids

  • Become part of a motivated team of teens

  • Improve important skills such as graphic making, professional writing, creating slideshows and videos, working with partners, and much more

  • Grow your knowledge on the climate crisis

  • Gain access to opportunities on panels, podcasts, interviews, and more

Media Team

The media team creates creative social media content for our Instagram and Facebook, makes promotional and educational videos, organizes biweekly newsletters to the Spring Forward community, and works on press for Spring Forward.

Partnerships Team

The partnerships team builds partnerships with camps and programs to lead engaging workshops with their campers. This team also completes  research and outreach for creating beneficial partnerships with fellow orgs​​ doing wonderful work.

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Schools Team

The schools team works with teachers and school staff to lead lessons in classrooms and assemblies. This team gets creative with creating curricula, building new programs, and forming relationships with schools. ​​

Members Team

The members team works on creative ways to build and grow our team, organizes our ambassador program for middle school students, and develops Spring Forward's team culture.