Recognizing the enormity of the challenges climate change creates, Spring Forward is dedicated to making a lasting impact through climate curriculum. Spring Forward spreads a wide net by investing in a variety of strategies. There are many different ways to work with us. Below are three proposals, but you are not limited to these three plans. We want to do what is best for your school and classroom, so we are happy to work together and find the best way to implement climate curriculum into your school. We have a variety of lessons for different age groups, each with a slide show, activities, worksheets, and a detailed plan on what the lesson would look like. We are adding new content every day so if you have any suggestions or specific lessons you would like in your classroom, please let us know

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The whole school plan is an easy way to get the whole school involved and thinking about climate change. We would do an initial presentation at an assembly and from there go into individual classes to do lessons.

As an example, learn about our Lesson at a Shady Hill Assembly and our Fayerweather assembly

The individual lesson plan is built for teachers who are interested in climate education but do not have the capacity for a longer lesson plan. The lesson will take students through an overview of climate change or a specific topic within climate change. Students will investigate through activities and experiments why there is climate change, what the solutions are, and how they can help.

As an example, learn about our Day For Tomorrow Lesson

The lesson series would educate students on all grounds of climate change and transform the way they view the world. Spring forward has two proposed lesson series but we would work with the teacher to tweak the lessons to work best for the class. 

As an example, learn about our Ligerbots lessons.

Please note these are the curriculum plans for schools but we also do lessons in camps, after schools, and online.


For more information on summer camps plans visit our summer camps page, brochure, or lesson outlines doc.

Spring Forward: Climate Education and Empowerment

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