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Frequently Asked Questions


What's Spring Forward's Mission?

Here at Spring Forward, we are aiming to empower students to become conscious global citizens through climate education. Understanding climate change and climate justice is critical not only for our generation, but for many more to come.

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What age range does Spring Forward teach?

At Spring Forward, we are dedicated to teaching younger students ranging from grades Jk-8 or from about ages 4-15 years old. We are also working on creating programs for adults, so subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss updates on that.


Where can I find out more about future events?

Visit the upcoming events page to find out about our events. All workshops are free, so don’t hesitate to learn more here. To learn more about bringing a Spring Forward event into your classroom click here, or click here if you are considering bringing Spring Forward to your camp or after school!

To make sure you're updated on Spring Forward events subscribe to our newsletter. 

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How can I bring a Spring Forward into my classroom?

Check out our school partnership page, and more specifically this brochure to get an overview of what a school partnership with Spring Forward would look like. To get an insight into what a lesson would look like check out our curriculum here. Please reach out to us here to be in touch. 

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How can I get involved in Spring Forward?

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, please fill out this Google form. We are always looking for more team members to help us complete our mission. 


How do I get in touch with the team at Spring Forward?

To find out more about impleming our programs into wherever you work or if you have unanswered questions, please reach out to us via the form on our website or by emailing us! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Who are the people behind Spring Forward? 

Spring Forward is a team of high schoolers who are passionate about climate justice and education. Meet some key members of the Spring Forward team here! And learn more about joining our team here

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