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October Update

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Upcoming Events - Meet Us There!

This coming weekend, Spring Forward will be at the Newton Climate and Racial Justice March. The march will start at Noon on October 17 on the Newton Centre Green. Members of the Spring Forward team will be tabling at Newton City Hall, where you can talk to us about upcoming activities, joining the SF team, and more! More information about the event and RSVP here

Additionally, this Thursday (October 15) Strike Boston is hosting a socially distant Climate Justice Strike. Join them at Boston City Hall in exactly one week next Thursday for the strike, march, and rally. 

Fall Workshops Update

Our fall workshops are underway, and they have been amazing so far! In the first week of October, 11 students attended our Introduction to Climate Change lesson to learn about the basics of climate change, make a greenhouse effect poster, and participate in a guided mini debate. We would love to see new faces and some of our summer students return for the fall sessions! We will be covering different content in October so there won’t be any overlap. Click here to learn more about our fall workshops, and Sign up!

Introducing Junior Ambassadors

We are launching our all new Junior Ambassador program for passionate elementary schoolers to join a community of like-minded students who want to take action. This program is aimed at elementary school students in 1st to 5th grade who come to our workshops or lessons and want to become further involved. 

Resources for Individual Action!

Although our primary source of education is through workshops and school partnerships, we like to include links to other informative resources that can be used to further explore and combat the many aspects of climate change.

Good on You: Looking for a new pair of jeans? Or perhaps a jacket for the colder months ahead? goodonyou.ecois a great place to start! While the fashion industry can be a big contributor to emissions, good on you shows you what brands are working to change that. This app rovides a list of brands that operate sustainably, so you can search by brand or product and find something that helps your closet and the planet. 

Kiss the Ground: Based on a book of the same title, this all new documentary dives into how the answer to climate change lies underneath our feet. Narrated by actor and environmentalist Woody Harrelson, it shows how regenerative agriculture has the power to not only level the climate, but to also restore water levels, and feed the population. Learn about the film here, and learn more about the book, written by Josh Tickell, here.

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