FREE Online Activity "After School" Workshops

This October

After two successful online summer workshop sessions,* Spring Forward is excited to launch our of free online climate "after school" workshops coming up this October! Each workshop includes a fun game relating to the subject within climate change, information about the subject, and the core part of the lesson; an interactive, hands-on activity to learn first hand about climate change. The workshops will cover topics such as an introduction to climate change, sea level rise, climate justice, fast fashion, and finally an overview of climate change.

*all the October workshops will cover new material and use new activities -- we would love to see kids from the summer workshops continue investigating climate change at the October workshops


For more information look over our brochure.


Each workshop will be taught two times, once on a week day and once on a Saturday.

Workshops will be on every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks AND every Saturday for 6 weeks

You can mix and match!

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Introduction To Climate Change

11 students attended our lesson to learn about the basic of climate change a greenhouse effect poster making activity and a guided mini debate.

Tuesday, October 6th @4pm EDT

Saturday, October 3rd @11am EDT


How YOU Can Help

Age recommendation: 1st - 5th grade

Learn ways you can help stop climate change through a broken telephone game and an activity involving making a story together.

Thursday, October 15th @4pm EDT

Saturday, October 24th @11am EDT

Image by Marianne Heino

Oceans Rising

8 students learned about oceans rising through a trivia bingo game and an erosion experiment using candy and water.

Thursday, October 8th @4pm EDT

Saturday, October 10th @11am EDT

Image by Anđela Stamenković

Climate Policy

Age recommendation: 4th - 7th grade


Learn about the importance of climate policy through a role playing activity and categories game. 

Tuesday, October 20th @4pm EDT

Saturday, October 31st @11am EDT

Fast Fashion

Age recommendation: 1st - 5th grade


Learn the damages and ways to stop fast fashion through a word hunt game and transforming an old shirt arts and crafts.

Tuesday, October 13th @4pm EDT

Saturday, October 17th @11am EDT

Forest Trees

Climate Change Overview

Age recommendation: 1st - 6th grade


Whether students have learned about climate change or not this is great to review all aspects of climate change through jeopardy and a drawing activity. 

Thursday, October 22nd @4pm EDT

Saturday, Nov 7th @11am EDT

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"It was very fun doing all three lessons."

"I liked the class. It had some things I already knew but a lot I did not know. Thank you for making the class!"

"I think that the workshops are very helpful for learning about climate change and thank you!"

"Thank you for the first set of classes. We [two brothers] really enjoyed it and looking forward to learning more."

— Students from summer workshops

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"It was fabulous. he was excited about it, engaged, interested and felt respected... This past week was [my son]'s first workshop and he was totally wow-ed. He can’t wait to go to the next one and this is from someone who truly despises all of the virtual learning. We aren’t much of a screen family but this was suggested to us by a friend and it’s really fabulous. You’ve all done a wonderful job and I’m really appreciative." 

— Parent from summer workshop

Spring Forward: Climate Education and Empowerment

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