Climate Education and Empowerment


Our Mission

We aim to empower students to become conscious global citizens through climate education. Understanding climate change and climate justice is critical not only for our generation, but for many more to come.

Our Impact

Learn more about the 90+ lessons we have taught at assemblies, camps, and after schools as well as in classrooms, workshops, and events.

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100+ Lessons

1,800+ Students


Spring Forward's goal is to promote opportunities for the next generation through education on climate change and climate justice. 

We work with schools, camps, and other youth programs to implement fun, interactive lessons in a way that works best for each learning environment and classroom. With access to the right resources, our future leaders will be able to gain the knowledge necessary to improve the state of our world.

Spring Forward has over 25 workshops we offer to schools and youth programs. We believe students learning about climate change in an engaging hands-on manner is essential in preparing them to be conscious global citizens. Being high schoolers teaching youth allows us to connect to the students and have a larger impact on their perceptions around climate change. This also allows us to show students that no matter their age they can be change makers fighting for a better world. Reach out to us if you would like Spring Forward to lead a free climate workshop in your school, class, or youth program!



My daughter has been having a great time learning... Very kind, knowledgeable, and creative instructors... For example, my daughter was very interested in environmental issues before but, she has been even more inspired by the class and instructors at the environment/climate change class and she is ready to take more actions. She is planning to talk to the school principal to start the climate change club at her school. I want you to know that you are making great impacts on the lives of children. Thank you!!!


It was very fun doing all three lessons.

I liked the class. It had some things I already knew but a lot I did not know. Thank you for making the class!

I think that the workshops are very helpful for learning about climate change and thank you!

Thank you for the first set of classes. We [two brothers] really enjoyed it and looking forward to learning more.



Spring Forward would love your help! There are many ways to contribute to our cause. Please reach out to us if you would like to know more, or learn more here

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Join Our Team

Work with Spring Forward's team of middle and high school students to implement climate curriculum into schools, camps, and other programs.

3rd grade Earth Day Andover Class Worksh

Work With Your School or Youth Program

Spring Forward works with a variety of youth programs to implement climate curriculum into classrooms in a way that works best for that specific learning community.

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Does your organization see overlap with Spring Forward's work? Let's support each other in the fight for a better, more just future.

Who We Have Partnered With

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Check out our article in Sunrise Boston magazine!

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Video Activities

Learn about climate change through Spring Forward's videos on climate change which include instruction for hands on activities, how to help stop climate change, and deep thinking.

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Spring Forward is completely volunteer run and relies on your donations to continue. Your donations allow us to keep our website running, pay for transportation, and provide materials. Our team strives to be accessible for all students and programs that may not be able to pay for the materials required for many of our workshops. 

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