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Spring Forward's goal is to promote opportunities for the next generation through education on climate change and climate justice. 

We work with schools, camps, and other youth programs to implement lessons we create in a way which works best for each learning environment. With access to the right resources, the next generation can gain the knowledge to improve the state of our world.

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Our Mission

We aim to empower students to become conscious global citizens through climate education. Understanding climate change and climate justice is critical not only for our generation, but for many more to come.

Our Impact
32 Lessons
200+ Students

After two successful online summer workshop sessions*, Spring Forward is excited to launch our of free online climate "after school" workshops coming up this October! Each workshop includes a fun game relating to the subject within climate change, information about the subject, and the core part of the lesson; an interactive, hands-on activity to learn first hand about climate change. The workshops will cover topics such as an introduction to climate change, sea level rise, climate justice, fast fashion, and finally an overview of climate change. 

*all the October workshops will cover new material and use new activities -- we would love to see kids from the summer workshops continue investigating climate change at the October workshops


For more information look over our brochure or learn more here.

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My daughter has been having a great time learning... Very kind, knowledgeable, and creative instructors... For example, my daughter was very interested in environmental issues before but, she has been even more inspired by the class and instructors at the environment/climate change class and she is ready to take more actions. She is planning to talk to the school principal to start the climate change club at her school. I want you to know that you are making great impacts on the lives of children. Thank you!!!


It was very fun doing all three lessons.

I liked the class. It had some things I already knew but a lot I did not know. Thank you for making the class!

I think that the workshops are very helpful for learning about climate change and thank you!

Thank you for the first set of classes. We [two brothers] really enjoyed it and looking forward to learning more.



Spring Forward would love your help. There are many ways to contribute. Please reach out to us if you would like to know more or get more info here

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Work with Spring Forward's team of high school students to get climate curriculum into schools, camps, and other programs.

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Spring Forward works with schools to implement climate curriculum into the classroom in a way that works best for the community.


Come together and support each other in the fight for a better future.

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