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FREE Online Summer 2021 Workshop Sessions

Spring Forward is excited to run our free online summer climate workshop sessions! The workshops, created and taught by high school students will cover a range topics in an engaging, interactive way with many games, unique activities and time for discussions and questions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Intro to Climate Change

July 7th

Defines climate change, learn about the greenhouse effect with a drawing activity, learn about renewable energy, and finally wrap up with actions students can take.  

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Health and Climate

July 14th

Pretend to be reporters discussing the Flint Michigan water crisis and an activity on why people with health conditions are disproportionately affected.

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Climate Policy

July 10th

Reviews common climate policies around the globe, how students can advocate for them, and do a climate policy simulation where students pretend to be legislators.


Redlining and Climate

July 17th

Basic history of redlining and how it connects to climate change through a news reporter activity and redlining edition Game Of Life.


Fast Fashion

August 4th

Teaches students about the fast fashion industry through a DIY mask making & trivia activities

climate justice monopoly.png

Climate Justice Monopoly

August 11th

Learn about climate justice through playing a unique monopoly game.

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The Science Behind Climate Change

August 7th

Learn about climate science through a map activity and conversations about the world around us.

Climate justice and climate action.png

Why There's Resistance to Climate Action

August 14th

Learn about climate psychology and initial cost through conversations and team activities.

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"It was very fun doing all three lessons."

"I liked the class. It had some things I already knew but a lot I did not know. Thank you for making the class!"

"I think that the workshops are very helpful for learning about climate change and thank you!"

"Thank you for the first set of classes. We [two brothers] really enjoyed it and looking forward to learning more."

— Students from summer 2020 workshops

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"It was fabulous. he was excited about it, engaged, interested and felt respected... This past week was [my son]'s first workshop and he was totally wow-ed. He can’t wait to go to the next one and this is from someone who truly despises all of the virtual learning. We aren’t much of a screen family but this was suggested to us by a friend and it’s really fabulous. You’ve all done a wonderful job and I’m really appreciative." 

— Parent from summer 2020 workshop

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