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Climate Justice and Racial Justice

Spring Forward stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. As a climate organization, we know that there will never be climate justice until there is racial justice. As an educational organization, we know that education is key to not only be not racist, but also anti-racist. As a result, we are committed to this fight for systemic change. We must take this time as an opportunity to take action, including educating ourselves, sharing resources and information, holding difficult conversations with friends and family, as well as donating and attending protests is we are able. However, education and allyship are lifelong commitments. We must all strive to become anti-racist in our daily lives. This is a movement, not a moment. 


Climate Justice and Racial Justice Education

Spring Forward has created a document of educational resources on climate justice and racial justice. It is crucial that children, teenagers, and adults are educated on these topics so they can have a thoughtful approach to everyday life and are able to take educated action. Access this resource here


Social Media Posts

Learn more about climate justice and racial justice through Spring Forward's social media graphics below. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @springforwardclimate


Take Action

Use this document to find petitions, protests, places to donate, and more

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