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Climate Change Videos and Movies

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Spring Forward's Videos

Though you may know what climate change is, do you know what causes climate change? Watch this video to learn about the science behind climate change and complete a fun drawing activity!

Learn about oceans rising through fun facts about water expanding, an easy experiment exhibiting glaciers melting using house hold items, information on who oceans rising affects most, and finally ways you can help.

Review what deforestation is, why trees are important, and how you can take action to help stop deforestation.

Learn the basics of climate change and climate justice, includes an interactive case study and scenario simulation, as well as covering how mental health is affected by climate change.

Explore fast fashion through a word search and no sew mask making activity along with learning interesting facts, the lifecycle of a shirt, who is hurt most by fast fashion and ways you can help.


Other Recommended Videos

What Is the Environment and How To Keep It Clean?: A great cartoon video describing the environment and some precautions we can take to keep it as healthy as we can make it to be!

Learn About Air Pollution: Explains air pollution and the damage it can cause to the human body and ecosystem + facts about water pollution!

How We Can Keep Plastic Out Of Our Ocean: Focuses on water pollution, concerns facing marine animals, plastic & unwanted trash in the oceans, how to spot pollution in the ocean. 

Boston Climate Strike Videos: A playlist of 5 short videos about various climate topics from Earth Day to the GND to links between COVID and climate. 

Harvard C-Change: A 5 part series exploring the connections between climate change and public health, produced by Harvard with Putney Pre-College. 


Recommended Movies For Adults

Our PlanetA highly recommended documentary series narrated by a British narrator named David Attenborough. Included in the series are eight episodes explaining how climate change impacts wildlife, the environment, and the overall health of the Earth. It’s main focus is towards human impacts on the environment, while also mentioning how climate change affects all living organisms. It also shares a deep insight into the lives of arctic animals such as polar bears and seals, pointing out how their lives are constantly impacted by environmental changes. The film shares valuable information as to how consumers are able to help preserve our planet. As of now, this series is available only on Netflix.

Before The Flood While the famous Leonardo DiCaprio plays a star role in the Before The Flood, the feature does a fantastic job in combining entertainment along with climate change issues, leaving viewers with an important message of caring for the planet. While the movie portrays DiCaprio coming together with professionals in order to come up with solutions for the largest problems facing our climate, co-creator Fisher Stevens announces the hidden message of the film, which is to shine light on some smaller issues in environmental studies. Stevens mentions “we bring up the issue of a carbon tax, for example which i haven’t seen in a lot of documentaries.” This breathtaking film is found on Disney+, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Kiss the Ground Based on a book of the same title, this all new documentary dives into how the answer to climate change lies underneath our feet. Narrated by actor and environmentalist Woody Harrelson, it shows how regenerative agriculture has the power to not only level the climate, but to also restore water levels, and feed the population. Learn about the film here, and learn more about the book, written by Josh Tickell, here.

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