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Climate Change Is On The Ballot

Where do the candidates stand on climate?

Climate is undoubtedly on the ballot this coming Tuesday, November 3rd. With the undeniable effects of climate change being showcased through increasing natural disasters across the globe, as well as rising global temperatures, the two presidential candidates have contrasting takes on this key issue. Before you cast your vote this Election Day, we encourage you to read more about the candidates’ takes on the crisis here, or take a look at this graphic we made here. To learn even more about Biden's specific climate plan click here. While casting your ballot this November, make sure to consider the climate crisis in your decisions, both in the presidential race, and across all others on the local and state levels; it affects everybody now, and especially in the long run!

Find more information by clicking on Spring Forward's graphics below!

Make your voting plan

Time is running out to cast your vote in this year’s election! Click the here to see what’s on your ballot and where your polling location is. November 3rd is the LAST day to vote, so make sure you get to the polls! It is too late to register to vote by mail, but if you have already mailed in your ballot, you can track it here to make sure your vote is counted!

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