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February Break Workshops


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Session of Spring Forward  workshops

February 15th - 20th 2021

Spring Forward hosted a session of February break climate workshops where we taught four 60 minute workshops to over 35 engaged elementry and middle students. The students learned about fast fashion through an arts and crafts project, how they can take action to help stop climate change, the ins and outs of renewable energy, and how redling relates to climate justice through a unique board game based of The Game Of Life. 

Eco Circle International Fellowship

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January 9th 2021

Spring Forward taught a 60 minute lesson to high school students in the Eco Circle International fellowship where we talked about why there is so much resistance to addressing climate change. We discussed how climate psychology can make people distance themselves from the issue and how we can frame climate change in a way where people are more susceptible to the topic. Next we went over how the initial cost of eliminating fossil fuels can stop us from going net zero but in reality, renewable energy is more profitable in the long run. Finally we discussed how the politicization of climate change can contribute to climate action resistance. 


CREW Panel

November 20th 2020

Two Spring Forward members participated in CREW's communication on climate change panel. They discussed how to have productive conversations on climate change and their experience with climate change education in schools and with children.


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Lesson For 4th Grade Class at The Lawrence School

November 24th 2020

Spring Forward taught a 60 minute how to help stop climate change lesson for a fourth grade class at the Lawrence School. Students learned the difference between systemic and individual change, asked insightful questions, made a plan of actions they are going to take and how they will complete the actions, and learned about how write a letter about taking climate action to a person in power. 


YWCA Cambridge

November 10th 2020


Spring Forward taught a lesson on climate justice and climate policy to ten YWCA members on November 11th. Students had lively discussions and made a plan to take systemic climate actions. 

We really enjoyed having you and learned so much. Overall everyone was really impressed and it was a great introduction and also refresh on Climate Justice. And the best part was getting to see you in action and be youth activists fighting for climate change and educating adults and youth. One of our scholars who does a lot of climate action work said they really liked being about to hear how you present and how you describe everything.

- YWCA organizer

Hebrew School Lesson

November 1st 2020

"Spring Forward's presentation brought an incredible amount of energy and creativity to teaching about Climate Change to our second graders. I loved the games and interactive nature of the workshop."

- Hebrew School teacher, Rachel

Spring Forward taught a lesson to second grade Hebrew students on November 1st. Students learned the differences between climate vs weather through a creative pattern game, explored what causes climate change and the effects of climate change, and learned about how they can take action to stop climate change.

October Activity Workshops
Image by NASA

Introduction To Climate Change

11 students attended our lesson to learn about the basic of climate change a greenhouse effect poster making activity and a guided mini debate.


How YOU Can Help

9 students learned ways they can help stop climate change through a broken telephone game and an activity involving making a story together.

Image by Marianne Heino

Oceans Rising

8 students learned about oceans rising through a trivia bingo game and an erosion experiment using candy and water.

Image by Anđela Stamenković

Climate Policy

Students learned about the importance of climate policy through a role playing activity exploring climate policy in different states  and categories game. 

Fast Fashion

11 students learned about the damages of fast fashion and ways to stop fast fashion through a word hunt game and transforming an old shirt arts and crafts.

Forest Trees

Climate Change Overview

4 students attended our final October workshop to review all aspects of climate change through Jeopardy and Kahoot. 

Oceans Rising Workshop
Intro to climate change
Fast Fashion Workshop

Girl Scouts Eastern MA

October 24th 2020

Spring Forward taught a 45 minute lesson for 23 girl scouts in fourth and fifth grade. Students pretended to be governor, learned about the Renewable energy bill, and voted on whether to pass or veto the bill. Next they discussed systemic vs individual change and explored how even without being a governor, they can make an impact by influencing governors that have different opinions than them. Finally, the girl scouts learned about how to take action right then by writing a letter urging a politician to take action on a subject of importance to them. We provided the scouts with a letter template for them to use after the lesson. 


Newton Climate and Racial Justice March

Spring Forward tabled at a climate and racial justice march in Newton, MA. We believe climate and racial justice go hand in hand in working towards a more just and equitable future for all.

Shady Hill Middle School Assembly

October 13th, 2020


Spring Forward completed a virtual event for over 230 middle school students at the Shady Hill School. Students learned about climate justice, listened to unique stories of high school students on the frontlines in MA, discussed the way media portrays the climate crisis, and thought about ways to take action. 


Fayerweather Street School

October 6th 2020

Spring Forward taught an online climate justice and climate lesson to 40 seventh and eighth graders at the Fayerweather school. Students explored how wealth, health, and location can affect how hurt people are by the affects of climate change by thinking about different scenarios, looked deeper into why discrimination can affect people's wealth, health, and location, learned about climate policy, and finally discussed systemic and individual action through looking at a school setting which they could relate to. Students came out of the lesson with a plan to take systemic action to help stop climate change while addressing climate justice.


The Day For Tomorrow 

The Day For Tomorrow on October 4th is an online event hosted by Sustain Our Abilities, an organization composed of a group of volunteer health professionals from around the world seeking to provide free resources and education for people living with disabilities. This year, Spring Forward collaborated with SOA on The Day For Tomorrow to give an interactive workshop outlining the connections between health and climate.

Health + Climate Workshop

Spring Forward taught a one hour interactive health and climate workshop for students ages 7 - 13 on The Day For Tomorrow.


Students used our worksheet to help make the workshop interactive and fun!

Summer 2020 Workshops
Image by Matthew T Rader

Climate Change 101

June 24th

27 students learned the basics of climate change through many interactive activities and different types of information sources. 

Image by Deglee Degi


July 11th

13 students learned about deforestation, its affects, and how trees are a crucial part of keeping the earth and people safe. Next students saw how deforestation stops erosion through an activity involving growing and observing plants. 

Image by Appolinary Kalashnikova

Renewable Energy

August 17th

23 students learned about "clean and dirty" energy, investigating the benefits and drawbacks. Finally, students created a pitch for their favorite type of energy.

Image by Amanda Vick

Science behind Climate Change

June 27th

15 students investigated weather maps, had conversations about the world around us, and learned about the greenhouse effect through creating a picture book together.

Image by Silas Baisch

Oceans Rising

August 3rd

22 students did a quick experiment demonstrating the differences land and sea ice have on sea level when they melt. They also learned who is hurt most by oceans rising and why. 

Image by Maria Shkliaeva

Climate Justice Monopoly

August 19th

11 students examined how different communities are disproportionately affected by climate change through a unique monopoly simulation. 

Image by eberhard grossgasteiger

Climate Justice

July 8th

23 students investigated what factors go into who is affected most by climate change with a scenario activity. Next students took it a step further by thinking about how discrimination in our society makes people hurt more by the effects of climate change. 

Image by Angela Loria

How YOU Can Help

August 5th

13 students reviewed the difference between individual and systemic change through a picture book, discussions, and a sorting activity. Next students dove into how they will strive to make a difference. 

Ligerbots Camp

Spring Forward taught third and fourth graders at two sessions of cAMP, a youth-run summer camp held by the "LigerBots", Newton North and South's high school robotics team. Each session includes six one hour lessons on climate change across a span of two weeks. The lessons were learned through hands-on experiments, interactive activities, art builds, and stories. The students left each session as experts on the science behind climate change, oceans rising, deforestation, climate justice, and how they can help. 


Spring Forward Ligerbots campers made their own creative graduation caps to celebrate a fun week full of activities, experiments, and learning about climate change and climate justice. 

We are looking forward to seeing how these campers use their knowledge to take action and make a difference in the world.

Little Explorers Camp

On September 3rd 2020 Spring Forward partnered with little explorers camp to teach a 40 minute lesson for five and six year olds. They learned the difference between climate and weather through a pattern making activity, thought about the key concepts of climate change through a true and false activity, and explored the meaning, causes, and effects of climate change.


Spring Forward: Climate Education and Empowerment

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