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November Update

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Introducing drop-in workshops!

After successful online summer workshop sessions  and a fall activity workshop session, Spring Forward is excited to launch our free drop-in workshops! The workshops will cover a range topics such as climate change 101, the science behind climate change, sea level rise, deforestation, renewable energy, climate policy, fast fashion, health and climate, climate justice, redlining, how to help, an overview of climate change, and more. 

Sign up here and get more information here

October recap: lessons with schools and orgs

In addition to our October activity workshops, Spring Forward has collaborated with our first schools over Zoom! Overall, we reached almost 300 students at the Fayerweather and Shady Hill schools. We talked about how climate justice is a core part of fighting climate change and ways that policy can create systemic change. Students left the lesson with a plan to take action.  This fall, we have also collaborated with organizations such as Girl Scouts and the YWCA to create and teach unique lessons. If you and your organization would like to collaborate, reach out to us through our email:

Learn more about our completed events

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