FREE Online April Break Workshop Session in Honor of Earth Week

After successful summer, fall, and winter workshop sessions, Spring Forward is excited to run our free April online climate workshop session in honor of Earth Week! These workshops, created and taught by passionate high school students and aimed towards students age 7-13, cover a range of topics in an engaging, interactive way with games, discussions, and more! Earth week is all about educating each other on climate change, and we hope you will take action on climate education this Earth week by signing your child up for these free online workshops. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Science Behind Climate Change

Mon, April 19th at 4PM

Discusses the basics of climate change, the greenhouse effect, the disparities in health and climate with a map activity.



Fri, April 23rd at 4PM

 Learn the basics of photosynthesis, oxygen/CO2, and a preform a planting soil erosion experiment.

Climate Policy

Wed, April 21st at 4PM

Discusses the carbon tax, renewable energy, and the GND through a save the world activity and letter writing.

Oceans Rising Experiment

Sat, April 24th

 Discusses glaciers melting and climate justice with a water expanding guessing game and hands-on glacier melting experiment.

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"It was very fun doing all three lessons."

"I liked the class. It had some things I already knew but a lot I did not know. Thank you for making the class!"

"I think that the workshops are very helpful for learning about climate change and thank you!"

"Thank you for the first set of classes. We [two brothers] really enjoyed it and looking forward to learning more."

— Students from summer workshops

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"It was fabulous. he was excited about it, engaged, interested and felt respected... This past week was [my son]'s first workshop and he was totally wow-ed. He can’t wait to go to the next one and this is from someone who truly despises all of the virtual learning. We aren’t much of a screen family but this was suggested to us by a friend and it’s really fabulous. You’ve all done a wonderful job and I’m really appreciative." 

— Parent from summer workshop

Spring Forward: Climate Education and Empowerment

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