Ambassador Team

Make A Difference

  1. Help Spring Forward empower fellow young students on climate change and environmental justice 

  2. Meet fellow climate activists, hear about various climate opportunities, and learn more about the climate crisis

  3. Start projects of your own!


Join our Ambassador program, for 5th to 8th graders, to meet fellow climate activists, be hooked into many opportunities, help Spring Forward educate children on climate change, and start projects of your own!


Who is eligible? All students in 5th to 8th grade who are passionate about climate education!


  • 1 long-term project 

    • Designed & run by you, mentored by Spring Forward members in high school


      • Working with school/camp -- reach out to places you have a connection with, plan the workshop, help teach the workshop

      • Outreach -- plan an outreach event to get us more members

  • 40min biweekly ambassador team call

    • A high school member is there but hopefully facilitated by an ambassador 

    • On the call there will be:

      • Updates on what's happening in Spring Forward

      • Time for each ambassador to talk about what they’re working on 

      • A new action item given

      • A quick game or training

  • 2.5 hour commitment at the least per month


Encouraged to

  • Participate in additional tasks, discussions, and check ins

    • ​Events to attend

    • Small action items

    • Educational readings, videos, etc

    • Fun hot-take question threads

    • Discussion threads

    • Check-in-on-action-item threads

    • Teacher training: opportunities to learn about teaching SF lessons

    • Shadow during Spring Forward lessons; work in pairs to help teach lessons for young children


55% of teachers report never even mentioning climate change in their classrooms and when climate change is discussed it is often reduced to personal sustainability and polar bears. Spring Forward works to ensure all students understand the basic science, history, and far-reaching consequences of climate change while empowering them to make a difference. There is no climate action without education.



  • Join a community of young climate activists

  • Create, run and work on a projects

    • with support from passionate high school mentors!

  • Grow your leadership skills

  • Spread Spring Forward’s mission

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: learn more about climate change & take ACTION.

For questions and more information, please email